Tuesday, August 15, 2017


KKvintagessa on kesätauko loppunut ja syksyn avauksena pyydetään jotain itsevärjättyä. Se voi olla kukkia, kangasta, nauhaa tai vaikkapa taustapaperi.

Käytin näiden korttien taustaan tapani mukaan jos minkämoista paperisilppua. Lopputulos oli sekava kunnes yhtenäistin taustat värjäämällä ne samanlaisen laikukkaiksi.

Mainiot miehet ja pojat ovat Timpan paperinukkeja, kamerat ja ilmapallot jostain skräppipaperista leikattuja.
Toivottavasti inspiroiduit osallistumaan!

I made a set of vintage gents and boys ATCs. I started with a medley of various scraps, but it just looked too busy so I unified the backgrounds with a mottled wash of brown ink. The people are TH paperdolls, and the other images come from those clever scrapping papers with overall patterns. They just beg to be cut out and used on ATCs.

Colors galore

Today I was inspired by colors. Lots of them.
It all started with a piece of paper with random splashes of watercolor. Intriguing, and begging to be used. I added some more dots to enchance certain colors, then stamped on it with a hex background stamp in three primary colors. I was going with a certain color palette - you can view my inspiration at the end of the post.

Then I cut up some TH Paperdolls, using only their faces and feet. They all received striped stockings.

 Then they were clad in patterned dresses.

 Headgear - crowns and silly hats followed. And colorful wings of course.

Hopefully you feel inspired to join UseYourStuff challenge this week with something 'for the love of children'.

I am entering this set into:
SimonSays Wednesday: For a child
MixedMediaWorld: #28 Anything goes (moodboard: I was inspired by the colors more than by the pictures themselves.)

Monday, July 31, 2017

In memory of...

,,, no, nothing serious, just my birthday. It's sunny, it's hot, it is the quintessential day of summer, just perfect. Add a scrumptious raspberry-chocolate cake and it's even more perfect :-)

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Rubber Dance Art: July / Ribbon or twine.
Simon Says Wednesday: Anything goes.

Bkground done with sanding a piece of cardboard, swiping distress ink 'linen' and dotting with distress paint 'Picket Fence', then stamping, coloring etc.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Earlier days

It has been busy times here with summer guests and my stuff moved about from the living room to closets - I even lost my ATC trading stash in the process. or should I say 'lost' - it will turn up somewhere, sometime, but it's embarassing to owe trades.

This little bird inspired me to make a collage. In fact, I made this as inspiration for this week's challenge at UseYour Stuff - go take part. This is your chance to use what is lying around on your work table.

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Three Muses: Clouds
SimonSays Monday: Red white and/or blue

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Tässä tulee inspiraatiota KKvintagen tänään alkavalle haasteelle 'Matkoilla'.

 Today I would like to show you a journal spread.  I am trying to acquaint myself with the large size - my usual size of work being 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.

I went for a travel theme. There is a map on the left that was partly stenciled over. I have been experimenting with dyeing my texture paste. So far it has been a hit or miss. This time I used blue mica powder and dark blue ink (yet the result looks grey).

I added an old-fashioned film camera.

I am loving ransom style lately, so I mixed several different alphabets. There is grey wood veneer, polka dot cardboard, black plastic round domes and white rub-ons. The text reads: Be in charge of your own life. I am especially in love with the round domes as they look like old typewriter keys.

Letter detail:

entering in:
Creative Artistes Mixed Media Challenge: #27 Anything goes

 Mixed media Monthly: #37 a year of choices. I chose #27: Travel

Our MixedMediaMoods May challenge

Monday, June 12, 2017


The ultimate summer theme - for me it's butterflies. We don't have many in our yard even though I try various flowers each year, perhaps three, four different ones. To compensate for the lack of them I made this set as an inspiration for the Use Your Stuff challenge that opens today.

 Background was made with acrylics and stamping the grass. The background was so pretty by itself it was almost a shame to cover it up.

I built up with stamped tissue paper and some washi tape, added snippets of sheet music and the butterflies.

The really fitting words are by 7Dots Studio.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

OKTK #29

OKTK:n haaste avautuu tänään tällaisella inspiraatiokuvalla:

Itse inspiroiduin inhimillistetyistä taivaankappaleista ja kirjaimista. Kirjaimet veivät ajatukset kiristyskirjeisiin, sellaisiin joihin sanat on leikattu sanomalehdistä.
Yksinkertaisen peiteväreillä maalatun taustan päälle asettelin sitten kuun (auringon?) kasvot ja monesta eri kirjasta ja lehdestä keräämääni tekstiä jotakuinkin järjellisiksi lauseiksi.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Revi irti perhosen siivet

Minut pyydettiin 'vierailevaksi tähdeksi' Jehkottaren kesäkuun haasteeseen, joka siis alkaa nyt.
Sain etukäteen tämän kuvan:

En kuuntele minkäänlaista musiikkia, joten olen autuaan tietämätön siitä sisältyykö haasteeseen joku musiikkikappale. Minua kutkuttivat enemmänkin sanat: revi irti perhosen siivet.

Perhosen siivet ovat hauraat ja ilman siipiä perhonen on kuollut. Siivet ovat unelmien ja ajatusten symbooli. Entäpä jos siivet olisivat kiinni mekossa? Ja mekon voisi halutessaan pukea päälleen? Voisi näin vuorotella tavallisen elämän ja unelmien välillä.
Syntyi ryhmä siipimekkoja, henkarille ripustettuja. Emme näe kuka niitä on käyttänyt, mutta näemme heidän ajatuksensa.

'Minulla on tunteita'
'Kunpa joku rakastaisi'

Pohjat on tehty lomakekansion kanteen akryyliväreillä maalaten. Mekot ovat gellikokeilun satoa, siivet leimattu ja niiden pinnalla krakeluuria muistuttamassa niiden - ja unelmien - lasisesta hauraudesta. Sanat löytyivät vanhasta kioskiromaanista, tosin ei sellaisenaan vaan niitä on luovasti yhdistelty.

I'm entering this also in:
SimonSays Wednesday: Anything goes.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer mixed media

 On my recent scavenger hunt I came across a postage stamp album with flower motifs. I do collect stamps myself, but a lot of the stamps were bulk issue from countries that used stamps as export goods. So I didn't feel they were too precious to use in mixed media.
(Blog hop people, please read on!)

I started by tearing up papers and collaging them to cover a larger master board. When dry, I adhered different washi tapes all over. Then I used Brusho colors in green, turquoise and Prussian blue and let them dry.

I took a few different stencils and applied texture paste here and there, then immediately sprinkled the texture paste with embossing powders and heated it up. It puffed up somewhat and the embossing powder created a shiny enamel-like surface.

Finally came the elements: postage stamp, chipboard leave, a piece of punched watercolor paper and the words. Not to forget stamping. I used two stamps even though it is not apparent until you start looking for them: a round dotted stamp to stamp random circles everywhere and a tiny dotted background stamp used along the edges here and there to bring in even more texture.

If you are here from the blog hop, you are probably coming from Renee. Please leave a comment here to qualify for the prize drawing and head over to Heather next. The blog hop is open till June 4th and it starts at UseYourStuff.

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Creative Artiste: #26 Anything mixed media
MixedMediaMonthly: #36 Put a stamp on it

Monday, May 22, 2017

When more is... well, more

A new challenge is starting over at Use Your Stuff - this might be just up your alley. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - think opulence, colors, embellishments, allow yourself pile up the goodies you have been hoarding for such a long time. Just be brave and incorporate 'everything' into your piece.

What? You are a minimalist? Can't do it?
That's what I thought - never. My biggest fear is doing something overloaded and 'too much'.

I started small: heavy gesso through a stencil. When it was dry I took hot pink and red and painted over everything. I used grey cardstock, it took the color differently from gesso, so I achieved texture and tonality. Then came purple paint through another stencil.

I looked for exotic flowers and birds and cut those out. After arranging the pictures on the cards I took my gold leaf (I used the mixed metallic version which incorporated copper, silver and gold flakes) and applied it in places that would stay visible.

Sequins were adhered next. It still looked like it could use more. I took pearly drops (pink, olive, red and copper) and squirted them all over the place. At this point I called them finished. Although I am still at two minds about a text - does it need one? Is it a pretty picture or are the birds talking? (They were very quiet with me...)

entering in:
Simon Says Wednesday: A bit of sparkle.
Eclectic Ellapu: Anything goes May.
CountryView Challenge: Flower power.